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Hi, my name is Sabine and I’ve been working as a Marketing and Social Media Manager at Südtirol Privat for some four years now. If my colleagues were to describe me, they’d probably tell you that I’m an open-minded, cheerful and adventurous girl – and an absolute fan of South Tyrol! And YES, I am! I love being out and about, zooming down the pistes or roaming through the great outdoors, and the camera is my most faithful companion. Sharing my best experiences and most wonderful impressions with you is something I truly enjoy: read all about my adventures in South Tyrol in the "Sabine on tour" section! What I like most about our lovely little country? The fantastic sunrises and sunsets in the mountains, of course. What about you? Come along and join me on my tour through the beautiful landscapes of South Tyrol!
Visible from afar, the 2,317-metre summit of the Aldein Weisshorn, together with its neighbouring twin, the Schwarzhorn, towers over the Regglberg plateau that extends between the Unterland region and the Eggen Valley. It is also easily recognised from a distance by its rocks, which consist of white sarl dolomite. The Weisshorn – White Horn – also owes its name to this pale rock and the contrast with the nearby Schwarzhorn (Black Horn), which consists of reddish-grey Bozen quartz porphyry.

All paths lead to… the Weisshorn

The Weisshorn, a free-standing mountain in the Fleimstal Alps, is a popular destination in South Tyrol’s south – especially as the summit cross can be reached in a relatively short time on a simple (if steep) path, from where spectacular panoramic views can be enjoyed. The Weisshorn enjoys great popularity especially at sunrise and sunset – even among locals!

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There are several routes to the top of the Weisshorn, with the most popular undoubtedly beginning to the east on the Jochgrimm pass, which lies between the twin mountains. It leads to the summit in just 1½ hours via meadows and through fragrant pine groves. The ascent from the opposite side, i.e. the west, starts from the village of Radein, on the edge of the geological treasure of the famous Bletterbach Gorge, where 20 million years of the Earth’s history can be seen.

What a view!

But beware: the path to the summit of the Weisshorn is quite rough from whichever side you approach, so decent hiking boots and a head for heights are both needed. The last section is very steep and demands a final burst of energy. But, once you are at the top, the Ortler Group, the Ötztal Alps, the Schlern, Rosengarten and Latemar massifs, the peak of the Zanggen and the Brenta Group all await your astounded gaze – not to mention your camera. The valleys of the Rivers Eisack and Etsch– with the villages of Tramin, Kaltern and Eppan – also lie at your feet, while Truden, Radein and Weissenstein on the Regglberg plateau are a little closer to hand (and foot). :-)

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Climbing the Weisshorn is therefore well worth your while: I recommend it at dawn or at dusk, when the orange-red light bathes the surrounding mountains and valleys in its dreamlike, magical glow. But you also feel a little as if you are in a dreamscape of mountains, clouds and endless horizons – all without having to scale a 4,000-metre peak. :-)

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Would you like to spend a holiday near the Weisshorn and experience the romance of this mountain up close? Then check out the private landlords in South Tyrol’s south here!

Yours from the heart, Sabine!
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